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tv   [untitled]    April 9, 2017 7:25am-7:31am EDT

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>> what does that have to do with education? what does rex taylor said really know about being secretary of state? look at the vicious sexism against hillary clinton. we knew about the racism against obama. we can invent speak about the sexism against hillary clinton. the sub normalize beginning of our mark on it. mr. trump possessed the everett many fidelity of his holding on hand. [applause] and then, excuse the ad hominem, but i made an exception. and then, here we are. we've got all these white folk and the brother. let's call that -- let's call the soft bigotry of her expect
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patients. so now, we've got people for intrepid temper their job for which they are assigned in charge of the american welfare. the benjamin frank lynn commonweal has now been subverted by the intense metastases should of whiteness, not to be redundant and now our children are disadvantaged by hucksters and billionaires, about democracy in charge of what they don't know and how can the white working class vote for a man has not only drained the swamp, but refueled it, filled it up again with some slimy or a period and nefarious scandal ridden crack says.
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and i want to say to the white working class, mark that the king was in jail in birmingham, been arrested. they came to him and said that she'd come to you around. you are wrong about segregation. dr. king's now let me ask you one thing, my brother. i gave a speech about having a dream. i had a dream right now. i don't want to talk to you about that. i want to ask you what you're making in your wages. then they told him. he was flaky while she be marching with us. you are just as bad off as sire. king said you are just in the same economic boat as us. so what makes a life working class person vote against his or her interests? they keep asking black folk by david democrat? why vote republican. why are white working class
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people voted for a billionaire? he lost the popular vote by 2.8 million votes. by definition, that is not populist. its demographic destiny and geographical contingency based upon an electoral college in the construction of american democracy that turned out to be not what you thought it was. he thought what am ago, one woman did so. sorry, it ain't really like that. so now in the midst of this, my brothers and sisters are confronted with the most egregious example, the most flagrant offense of the stereotypical conception of affirmative action when people get in the hookup for no other reason that they are way. this is the rebellion of the white working class. there's a black working class. there is a red and yellow working class. the very people can do this school thing. the very white liberals to join in if everybody else in a postmortem of the election but
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the result is, you know what is. we should get beyond identity politics. really? was that the lesson? all politics have identities. if they are yours, you don't see them. [inaudible conversations] >> good morning. i would like to welcome you all to word salad or word solid, malaprops and new coinages. and josh miller, director of the thomas jefferson center for free expression. this morning's at if the source of great pride for us at the thomas jefferson center that we have been involved in every one of the 23 virginia festivals in one way or another. often you'll do think about free speech when i think about speech


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